Delilah Gets Adopted!

Welp... it happened! The old girl has been adopted. Truly a bittersweet situation. Reflecting on the small amount of time that I had Delilah brings up a multitude of emotions. I wasn't truly prepared for how much I would love lilah girl when I first got her. She will forever be in my heart!

So, how did it happen?!?!? 

I had been posting pretty heavily on social media to try and get some eyes on her. I gathered her best photos and found some local FB pages to post her on with people looking to adopt. In one of the pages, a lovely woman reached out with interest. I sent her the application and some more information and she went through next steps with Posh Pets! 

A few days later I took Delilah to an adoption event at PetSmart. She met some other doggos and got a lot of love from everyone there! Unfortunately, not many people looking to adopt were interested in my girl. Luckily for her, the woman who reached out was so eager to adopt that she came to the event to meet Delilah! 

It was love at first sight! We could not have found a better match for Delilah! She has a huge yard to run around in and play, and loving owners who want the best for her. As a foster mom, that's all I could ask for. 

Although I was so happy for Delilah to find her forever home, it was honestly really hard to let her go. I wasn't prepared for her to leave me right then and there, but I knew my role in her life was to love her during her transition and I knew I gave her all the love and support I could during her challenging time. 

Being a foster is incredibly rewarding, but also super hard at the same time. Things happen so fast with dogs in need. You never know when you'll get a call to help out or take in a pup, but I swear I cannot wait for my next one! 

Cheers to you Delilah, you deserve all the head and nose scratches in the world! And thank you to her amazing new owners for taking a chance on the old girl! 

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