Hey There Delilah! Available for Adoption!

Hey there Delilah, what's it like being up for adoption?!?!?!

Introducing the sweetest girl in the world.... Delilah!!!! 

dog and foster owner

Delilah is available for adoption as of 10/19/23. Despite her sad story, she is a resilient girl who's independence and love is infectious! If you're interested in adopting Delilah, please reach out to me via Instagram, or apply directly to Posh Pets Rescue. 

Delilah was 4 years old when she was rescued from the ILLEGAL Thailand meat trade. Even though selling dog meat is illegal in Thailand, that unfortunately does not stop people from doing it :(. 

Delilah was rescued from Thailand and brought to Posh Pets Rescue in Long Beach, NY. She was adopted by a loving Veteran whom she lived with for 5 years! Unfortunately, he passed away and there was no one available to take Delilah so she was surrendered back to Posh Pets. As fate would have it, she was surrendered the day I was approved as a foster, so I picked her up an hour after she was brought to the shelter! 

Facts About Delilah

  • She is 9 years old
  • She is current with all vaccinations
  • She gets along with people of all ages and genders
  • She has not shown aggression to other animals, but she does cry a little so she may be scared of animals at the moment
  • She loves taking walks and being outdoors
  • She loves to relax and lay in her bed
  • She collects all of her toys and leaves them on her bed 
  • She loves to sleep next to you or in your room
  • She is fully housetrained 
  • She rarely barks in the home and on walks
  • She whines to alert you she needs to use the rest room
  • She eats leisurely at her own pace throughout the day

If you are interested in meeting Delilah to possibly adopt, please reach out to me via Instagram or apply directly to Posh Pets. When you apply to Posh Pets, they will reach out with next steps if they think your profile would be a good fit for Delilah. I am happy to answer any and all questions. Let's find this lady a home! 

dog curled up into a ball, looking to be adopted

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